Why Interim roles could be the hiring solution you need

The jobs market has faced a hugely turbulent time over the past year. From record levels of employment to dramatic levels of unemployment, we’ve seen it all.

However, despite uncertainty, many organisations are continuing to grow and prosper. Some will be in a position to hire, and for these organisations, there is a real opportunity to make the most of the available talent right now.

Here we look at why interim hiring might be the solution you need to bolster the skills in your team and help your organisation thrive.

1.  A growing pool of Interim talent

The pandemic has shifted the make-up of the interim talent market, and the pool of available talent has grown. As the job market continues to be client-led, a lot of candidates who might previously have preferred permanent positions are becoming more open to interim roles.

Meanwhile, the way many interim candidates would typically operate has changed. In the past, many would complete a contract, but then take a period of time off to either go travelling or do something different, before picking up another contract. The pandemic has put a stop to the ease of travel, meaning many are willing and able to work all year round.

At the same time, the need to work remotely means that organisations now have access to talent from anywhere in the UK. On an Interim basis this is especially attractive, as in the short term they might be willing to hire candidates on a remote basis, but in the long term, when things return to normal, they may want people to come into the office.

What this means, is that those who are looking for interim solutions have their pick of a very talented pool of candidates, who are readily available to offer experience and expertise.

2.  Help to address skills shortages

Many organisations are already making the most of Interim talent. We’re seeing a significant increase in demand for Interim candidates, particularly in public sector finance roles. Finance teams are having to process new initiatives in response to COVID-19, such as the furlough scheme and other financial support packages. As a result, more team members are needed in the short term to meet these challenges.

Other public sector organisations will also experience their own requirements for specific skills, and by hiring someone on an interim basis, they can help to fill these gaps quickly and easily, thus enabling their business to continue growing. In turn, these interim hires can help upskill other members of the permanent team, so the benefits can spread far more widely.

3.  A short-term solution

As we face our third lockdown, there is naturally some element of uncertainty across the business world. Encouragingly, however, this time round we have shown that we can get through it and with the roll out of the vaccine, many maintain a far greater level of confidence in the market. 

While many organisations may feel it is too early to make long-term hiring decisions, opting for an interim hire will provide the skills needed to help teams to grow and improve their offering, but without becoming tied to making a significant commitment.

Of course, it’s impossible to talk about the Interim market without referencing the impending changes to the IR35 legislation. While some are expecting a few short-term shocks to the interim market in some areas, it’s important not to disregard this vital resource. Every interim or contract hiring situation is different and needs to be treated that way, so it’s important to work with experts to understand the rules and how they affect your organisation.

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