This is why you should work with a specialist recruiter

In the current client-led market, organisations have their pick of the bunch when it comes to making their next appointment. This process can quickly become overwhelming, with so many candidates to choose from and applications for roles through the roof. How can you find the ‘best of the best’ for your business?

Working with a specialist recruiter, such as Robertson Bell, can help organisations to find those candidates in the top percentage of highly skilled, trained and experienced individuals in the talent pool. Here we have outlined the five main reasons why working with a specialist recruiter is so valuable, particularly in the current climate.

Unlocking the right connections

These experts have authority and specialist knowledge in your field. But they also have a wealthy contacts book that can benefit your search too.

They have relationships with the right people, including those who might not be actively looking for a job, but might be interested in an opportunity if it is presented to them in the right way. With these impressive contacts, recruiters are uniquely placed to recommend and match the right talent to an organisation.

The main objective for both clients and the specialist recruiters they partner with is to secure the best possible talent and unlocking new connections with experts will aid with this. It's important to have contacts with the right people who have experience, particularly in government and charity, where the market is prone to disruption and change.

Making use of specialist knowledge

Working with an expert in your industry means that they can offer proficient advice on the current market, ensuring you secure the best talent for the vacancies you are working to fill.

We know that Government departments often need people with previous government experience to slot into the role, as there are certain regulations and financial procedures that must be followed. As we mentioned earlier, a specialist recruiter will have access to this talent.

This insight is invaluable to an organisation, utilising the wealth of resources, experience and understanding of the sector to create and select professionals from a rich talent pipeline.

Saving time in the hiring process

The old adage says, ‘time is money’. This couldn’t be truer for organisations today, who are already facing pressures brought about by the pandemic, Brexit and the resulting strain on resources.

The hiring process, from advertising, sourcing, shortlisting, interviewing and appointing is a lengthy commitment for employers that are time poor. At the same time, applications for each job are seriously high, and to ensure a fair recruitment process, a certain amount of time has to be dedicated to sifting through each one. Specialist recruiters relieve that pain point by working with you across each stage, and only presenting you with the committed, qualified candidates that most accurately represent your hiring criteria.

Forming a reliable partnership

A good recruitment consultant is there to guide you through the hiring process, particularly in cases where your search is for a technical or niche role that requires expert support.

Building a partnership where there is trust and reliability between the client and the recruiter is key, and these teams will understand the importance of each and every hire to elevating your business to the next level.

Finding candidates, not applicants

Specialist recruiters have great oversight of the talent pool and current market trends. They also understand the difference between presenting a candidate and an applicant.

When it comes to finding the best candidate for the role, these expert recruiters know that this is about more than just finding a professional with a strong skillset. Your recruitment partner, understanding your business, vision and goals, will ensure they are sourcing and securing talent that mirrors the culture and ambition of your organisation.


Our teams know the value of presenting a candidate that is ready to take on the unique challenges and plans of your business, particularly in such a competitive market. The talent pipeline has never had so many hard-working professionals looking for their next career break. As your recruitment partner, you can rely on a specialist recruiter to remove the stress and time associated with the hiring process, in order to present you with the best candidates to join your business.

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