• October 7, 2016

Why Join Robertson Bell as a Graduate Trainee?

Why Join Robertson Bell as a Graduate Trainee?

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Rather than give you all the reasons why we think Robertson Bell is a great recruitment company to work for and why you should join us, we thought we’d share the experiences and views of one of the Robertson Bell graduates;

Matt Millar graduated from Northampton Uni with a 2:1 in Law and Event Management in 2014. Not sure what to do, he googled “jobs for outgoing people” and Sales popped up as one of the options. Not long after that, Matt had an interview with Robertson Bell. After his second interview, he had 2 job offers from 2 recruitment companies and finally made his decision based on people, culture and values.  

During his interview with Stuart Bell, Matt got tempted by a few of the gems that make working for Robertson Bell what it is:

  • The training is a mix of hands on from the Directors and external sales course training
  • Staff mentoring
  • A culture of team work, hard work and fun
  • The opportunity to work in London a couple of days a week without having to pay London rent
  • Friday lunches (Nando’s or Dominoes…)
  • Robertson Bell Christmas party
  • Annual day out at Royal Ascot
  • The “family” culture (not flash or brash)
  • The Directors genuinely wanting staff to achieve their goals (personal and business)

After a year at Robertson Bell, we did a quick Q&A session with the man himself:

What has the training been like?

“It was a fairly gentle start with a good mix of hands on training from the Directors, working on projects with sales consultants that made you feel like you were contributing. Lots of telephone practice.”

How long was the training process?

“It’s ongoing, but after about 2 months you have some responsibility and I had my name up on the interview board which was a great feeling.  After 3 months I made my first placement and got my first commission cheque after 6 months.”

What’s been your “Best” moment so far?

“There’s probably 3….

  • Making a placement after being up against 5 other agencies
  • Earning Good money
  • Getting a “thank you” call from a candidate I’d supported through some tough decisions”

In four words how would you describe Robertson Bell?

  1. “Fun
  2. Supportive
  3. Hardworking
  4. Loyal team”

Having worked for Robertson Bell for a year now, what has exceeded your expectations?

“2 things….

  • How quickly I earned my first commission.  Realistically I had thought it would take at least a year!
  • The amount of hard work involved”

With your knowledge of the industry now, how do you think Robertson Bell differ to the other recruitment companies?

“The people and the culture.  Everyone’s genuine, not “flash” and although this sounds a bit cheesy, it’s true, we all share a common goal – to grow and succeed with Robertson Bell”

What 3 main qualities do you need to be a successful recruitment consultant?

  • “Good organisational skills
  • Confidence – you can’t be afraid of the ‘phone!
  • Self-motivated and hard-working”

What has Robertson Bell done for you in a year?

“It’s totally changed my life and the way I approach things.  I’m more proactive, confident and not afraid to ask!”

We are always looking for bright, talented individuals with an excellent work ethic.  If you think you have what it takes, and to become a successful recruitment consultant with one of the fastest growing consultancies, don’t delay in applying to join our team.