• July 19, 2018

Video interviewing with “In-Sight”

Video interviewing with “In-Sight”

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“In-Sight” is probably the best 1 click video interview technology available.  As we are always looking to improve our customer services and advance our processes, we recently ran a customer-service poll.  The findings from the poll lead us to develop our own interview video platform which is called In-Sight, which we launched earlier this year. In-Sight now forms an integral part of our recruitment process and is proving to be a huge hit with both clients and candidates!  One of the main benefits being that it saves everyone time!

It doesn’t matter what you do, what stage you’re at in your career, one thing you can’t do, is change the number of hours in the day – there’s still only 24!  For anyone that has been involved in recruiting for their team will know that the process can sometimes be long and drawn out.  You can’t always get people in the same room for two rounds of interviews, candidates get frustrated and drop out of the process. It can be hard to move quickly, coordinating and booking meeting rooms and then if you are the hiring manager, you can spend hours interviewing candidates when you sometimes know in the first few minutes that the candidate isn’t the person you’re looking for.

Benefits for clients

  • In-Sight saves you time
    In-Sight allows us to run a normal recruitment process as designed for you, but when we send you the short list, in addition to the candidate CV’s and notes will be the video recording of each candidate answering your pre-set questions. We can’t edit the videos at all, so you get a completely genuine insight of the candidate, seeing how they answer the question and how they interact with the consultant, so that you can establish their relevance to the role and your organisation. By adding the video interview process you can make a much more informed decision, and only have to meet candidates that are the right calibre and relevant for the role. On our permanent campaigns, we have found that In-Sight has reduced the process by an incredible 16 days!
  • It engages the best candidates
    Good candidates are hard to find and often time pressured. With In-Sight you can record a short video explaining and bringing to life your organisation, the role, your team (if you have one) and how the perspective candidate might fit within it. By promoting your organisation directly to the perspective candidate/s they can get a genuine feel for your passion and culture which will ignite a higher level of interest from the candidate so that they are more likely to want to work with you. This process is working to great effect!

Advantages for candidates

  • Speedy process – In-Sight helps us get you in front of the client so much more quickly. There’s no need to coordinate diaries with busy HR teams or hiring managers, and no need for you to have to take time off work.  Your short video interview is your chance to showcase and bring your passion and personality to life. You will be seen in person by your potential employer rather than just being a name with a CV with notes. Think of it as a fast track to 1st interview stage.
  • Success! If you get invited for interview your chances of getting the role are much improved.
  • It’s so easy to use! No need to download any apps.  The slick technology and process is smooth, easy and efficient and can be accessed with just one click.  All you need is a computer with a camera or mobile device and an internet connection. (a stable 350kbs, the UK average speed is 80 times this!)
  • Cost saving – No time consuming costly journeys to unnecessary interview (time is money after all)
  • Security – It’s one of the most secure video interview technologies in the world. The software developers are based in the UK and conform to GDPR data regulations.
  • Meeting – It’s also great for holding on-line meetings, not unlike skype and WhatsApp – just much easier, clearer and more secure.

If you would like more information or to book a demonstration, please give one of our consultants a call on 0203 824 7100.