• November 15, 2017

Tips for a Winning Job Interview

Tips for a Winning Job Interview

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Over the last decade or so, our consultants have picked up a thing or two about the elements that make up a winning interview.

Having made it to the interview stage, you know that your CV and cover letter have been successful in opening the door. The interviewer will be interested to find out more about you, and you should be feeling reasonably confident and optimistic. A few nerves are not a bad thing as the extra burst of adrenalin can be helpful, but you still need to appear reasonably relaxed. After all, the interviewer is keen to find the right person as quickly as possible and so will be hoping it’s you.

Having said that, two interviews are never the same, and preparation is key. We strongly advise you to practice the whole range from the generally expected discussions about your experiences and qualifications to some of these more testing questions.

We have compiled 10 of the more difficult interview questions that are worth considering prior to your next interview.

  • What’s the most cut-throat action you’ve taken to get ahead?
  • Given the opportunity what move would you change in your career?
  • How would you handle a situation where your boss was wrong?
  • What does your 5-year plan look like?
  • What word would your enemy use to best describe you?
  • What on your CV is most embellished?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Explain a situation where you have made a mistake and the actions you took to resolve it.

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