• September 20, 2017

Tips from the top – from graduate trainee to Senior Manager in 3 yrs

Tips from the top – from graduate trainee to Senior Manager in 3 yrs

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Matt joined the Robertson Bell (RB) graduate recruitment trainee academy in July 2014 and I finally caught up with him (which wasn’t easy as he’s a very busy man!) to chat about the journey and what it’s like to be a recruitment consultant with Robertson Bell. This follows on from his first interview “Why join Robertson Bell as a graduate trainee” and is aimed to give you an insight into his journey from graduate trainee to Manager and share some of his tips for success.

“With the benefit of hindsight Matt, what would be your top tips to success for a consultant fresh out of the RB Academy?”

  • “Give 100%
  • Be prepared to fail
  • Take everything in. Listen and learn!
  • Repeat what’s being done well
  • Have an interest in, and invest time learning about your sector”

“What would you say to a consultant faced with a decision of working for us or another consultancy?”

“RB is a close team.  We help and support each other to achieve team and business success.

Working for RB is the best opportunity you will be given to progress and achieve your goals.

It’s long hours during the week!  But the hard work pays off and will afford you better holidays and more fun at weekends.”

“What have you gained personally and professionally from working at Robertson Bell?”

“Both are linked…

  • Confidence
  • Learning the benefits of and how to communicate differently to different people and different personalities whether, staff, candidates, clients and or friends
  • Negotiation skills”

 “You’ve achieved a lot in just 3 years, and with that enjoyed success; going from sharing a house with mates to owning your own home.  Would you do anything differently?”

“No…I’ve made mistakes, but learnt from them.  No regrets.”

“Do you have a Golden Moment?”

“Definitely! Getting promoted to Manager and buying my first house.”

Robertson Bell is one of the fastest growing recruitment consultancies in our sector with 40% growth year on year. We have grown from 1 – 30 employees in 10 years and have very exciting and ambitious plans for the next 10 years.

If you are interested to know more about what it’s like to be a part of the Robertson Bell team and potentially joining us please contact me, Jacqui Bell on 0203 824 7100 or via email; jacquibell@robertsonbell.co.uk