• August 14, 2019

The Benefits of Interim Work

The Benefits of Interim Work

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The Benefits of Interim Work

With the outcome of the EU referendum and continuing economic uncertainty it is no surprise that  many organisations have been put off committing to any large scale investment and long-time hiring. This has paved the way for a current increased preference for hiring interim staff over permanent. Employers are now choosing the interim route as a stop gap until they have a clearer view of the what the economy might look like in the future.

In line with this, our recruitment teams have experienced a steady upturn in the number of interim roles they have been working on over the last 18 months.  Without question, there are still excellent permanent opportunities out there, but now is undeniably a good time to consider the benefits that the interim world of work can offer. We thought we would use some of our industry knowledge to challenge some of the misconceptions associated with interim work and look at some of the main benefits it can offer you as candidate!

Taking an interim role can quickly give you the opportunity to practise skills, develop your expertise and gain broad experience in a variety of roles and cultures. Ultimately this then arms you with a variety of skills to enhance your CV and accelerate your progress up the pay scale.

Greater access to opportunities
Interim work can improve your chances of being offered a permanent role particularly in the current climate.  Clients that haven’t wanted to commit to a permanent role have ended up changing their mind, offering an interim candidate the permanent position after seeing for themselves the abilities and results the person can bring.

‘Knowledge is power’ the interim industry is so useful for making lots of new contacts and friends in your field. Your industry contacts will prove invaluable throughout your career offering referrals and helping you develop your reputation in your market.

Skilled interims are in high demand
Professionals with sought after skills, such as delivering change or transformation projects are in high demand.  If you don’t have the experience now, interim working could help you to gain this more quickly and in turn help you accelerate how attractive your CV looks to employers.

Try before you buy
This is an advantage to both candidates and clients!  The opportunity to work in an organisation on an interim basis will give you the chance to try something new – say you currently work in the commercial sector but have always liked the idea of working for a not for profit, an interim role might give you the perfect taster to what it’s like to work in the sector before committing to a permanent role.  This works just as well for the employer, giving them the opportunity to see if you fit well within the culture of the organisation.

Excellent earning potential
It is sometimes perceived that interim work is paid less than permanent.  This is rarely the case in finance in the not for profit and public sector.  In fact, as most interims that we place already have the skills required to do the role, and are not expected to develop into the role with training over time, it is likely that the pay rate will be more competitive than the same level of permanent role.

Lifestyle choice
At Robertson Bell we have a good number of professional interims who love the flexibility their interim set up gives them, the experience of meeting a wide range of people, learning about different organisations and gaining new skills quickly as well as the flexibility to take extended breaks when you are out of contract.

The importance of a good agency
If you’re considering an interim role choose an agency with a good reputation.  Research the agencies that specialise in your industry and the market you are looking at.  A good agency will work to develop a good relationship with you, understand your background, your ambitions, career plans and aspirations. They will dig deep into your skills and experiences and want to understand the organisations that you are looking to work with and why.

If you are a finance professional, currently working as an interim or thinking about taking an interim role, we have some great opportunities that our specialist interim consultants can speak to you about. For a full list of our vacancies please visit our website or call us today on  0203 824 7100. As finance specialists in the not for profit and public sector we have a wide network of contacts with roles in a wide spectrum or organisations in our market; Charities, Social Housing, Central and Local government, NHS, Education, Theatres and Museums.

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