• June 26, 2019

Settling into your new job

Settling into your new job

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Finally, the months of hard work and research have paid off.  Your negotiations have been successful, and you’ve accepted your dream job!

In many ways that was the easy part!  Those first few days and how you go about settling in can make or break your time with a new organisation. We’ve all been there, with a whole cocktail of emotions on the first day; excitement, nerves, apprehension, doubt – are you up to it? Have you made the right decision?  New people to meet, new surroundings, copious amounts of new information, it can be a little bit daunting!

Here are some top tips to help you settle in quickly, with as little stress as possible so that you can focus on doing what you do best in your new job!

Mentally prepare yourself: If you can, squeeze in a few days for a short break or long weekend before you start. Even just a few days will help you to clear your head from all the emotional baggage from your last job.  You want to be fresh and eager to take on new things and meet new people.

Your first week: If you can, make some quick alliances with people who can show you where things are and help you out.  You don’t want to be wasting time asking your boss where the pencils are!  Book some time in with your new manager to find out clear expectations of what your success will look like after your 1st week, month and by month 3.  Establish what the communication patterns are, does your boss like to be kept informed on everything? Get to know your team, find out about them and how much autonomy they are used to before setting your expectations.

Get focused:  You were hired for a reason, set about making a difference with some quick wins that add value.  This will make people around you feel energised and importantly build your credibility.

Listen: You don’t want to upset the dynamics in your first week.  Listen carefully and don’t dominate conversations – listen and let the input of others guide you.

Manage your expectations:  Starting a new job is hard and sitting at your desk on day one you may be thinking “what have I done?”.  When the doubt creeps in try to remember what motivated you to apply for the job in the first place?  Change can be hard and stressful so if it doesn’t live up to expectations straight away, give it time.  Things will normally turn around and you will soon like it enough to stay long term.  If you give it a good go, but after 6 months or so you’re still not happy, it’s time to update your CV and move on.

Embrace Change: No one wants to hear about how bad the systems are – find the solutions rather than pointing out the problems.

Be you: Don’t try and be someone you’re not. Be comfortable not knowing all the answers and don’t be afraid to make a mistake!  Relax and breathe.  Being a little bit nervous is good, remember that adrenalin helps us perform at our best!  Most of all keep it all in perspective and you will shine!

The best of luck, we hope you enjoy!

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