• February 22, 2019

Securing a Promotion

Securing a Promotion

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We’ve put together some helpful tips for you so that you have the best chance of landing your promotion.

To put yourself in the best possible position for success:

  1. Create a personal development plan  – outline some specific new challenges and learning opportunities that’ll enhance your skills and set you up with the right capabilities to tackle your next role. It may be a good idea to include your manager in the process so that you can identify any areas that would be particularly useful to the organisation, or that you may want to specialise in in the future.
  2. Consider taking on extra work to push yourself beyond the normal realms of your responsibilities and out of your comfort zone. Don’t be shy.  You need to get noticed as someone who is not afraid to take on more work and new challenges.
  3. Monitor your progress regularly and get feedback/input from your manager. Take time to assess what’s gone well and which areas you need to focus on or need to improve so that you are continuously building on your development plan.
  4. Make a note of your successes, new challenges, achievements and skills – update your CV, and take this to your performance reviews.
  5.  Make sure you are fully equipped with the documented evidence of your successes and choose the moment to discuss your promotion carefully.  Be professional and be patient.

Remember that all the extra time and effort is an investment in your own future.  There’s no guarantee for promotion or a pay rise, but these are more likely to follow if you are properly prepared and there are opportunities within your organisation.

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