10 ways to quickly calm your nerves before a big event

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Calm your nerves in less than 5 minutes  Whether you’re running your first London Marathon on Sunday, you’ve got a major presentation to deliver or your about to have an…

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Choosing the right candidate

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Choosing the right candidate is not always easy!  The recruitment process can be tough, especially in a candidate short market, but sometimes you can be really lucky and (I’m not…

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What does it take to become a CFO?

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Do you have the right skills and experiences to be considered for the CFO position? There’s no doubt that the position has grown and the skills and experiences to become…

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Securing a Promotion

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We’ve put together some helpful tips for you so that you have the best chance of landing your promotion. To put yourself in the best possible position for success: Create…

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Managing Change

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Managing Change “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” – Heraclitus As we brace ourselves for the outcome of Brexit on the 29th March, we will all have our…

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8 reasons graduates are choosing a career in recruitment

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If you’ve recently graduated or are graduating from university this year, you are probably starting to think more seriously about your career options.  You might be attending recruitment and job…

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Robertson Bell partner with the Department for Education to recruit for a multi-vacancy Finance campaign

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The Government finance team at Robertson Bell are delighted to be working with the Department for Education (DfE) on a multi-vacancy recruitment campaign to boost their finance teams in four…

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Make 2019 your year!

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“New Year New You”.  I’m sure, you’ve heard that a few times since the start of the new year!  No surprise as it’s the perfect time to consider and set…

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Why Christmas is the Season for Recruiting

450 290 Jenine Rees

For some people the Christmas period is a time when people go off early for a Christmas break, work patterns change as thoughts turn to the seasons festivities and things…

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How to Interview

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Interviewing is just one part of the hiring process and can mean the difference between securing or losing you the best candidate if not done well.  It’s not uncommon for…

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