Our Process

Our Process

Quality and Rigour:

We understand the need for timely delivery, coupled with rigorous, clear processes. We also appreciate that, as our client, you need regular, accurate management information, guidance and support. As such, we take great pride in the quality and rigour of our processes. Using our resourcing methodology we deliver your recruitment campaign in a transparent manner, ensuring the initiative proceeds on time, to budget, and consistently works towards a positive outcome.

Scoping and Stakeholder Consulting:

Each assignment Robertson Bell executes follows a planned strategy, employing a systematic approach that can be tailored to your specific situation, culture and operating environment. Working in partnership with you, we will first work to fully understand the brief.

In refining the documentation supporting the search, we will maintain close, ongoing contact with the relevant key stakeholders ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the assignment’s documentation. Although potential candidates will be able to discuss the role in more depth with our consultants, the advertisement is often one of the first contacts they have with a recruiting organisation. Therefore, this must be professionally presented and compelling in its content.

Candidate Search and Attraction:

We apply a disciplined process for identifying and attracting the best-qualified candidates for the position, undertaking fresh, original research for each campaign. We generate our candidates through a variety of channels, including our personal candidate and client relationships, research capabilities (both through desk research and headhunting), extensive existing database and network of contacts (for recommendation and referral).

Feedback to Candidates:

At each stage in the process – long list, short list and final interviews – candidates leave the process. Individuals are offered the opportunity for feedback on their application and performance in the process. This feedback loop is an essential part of our customer service and also gives us the opportunity to assess quality of service and, potentially, help to develop a future talent pool for the hiring organisation,

Talent Management

We offer a full range of talent management services; identifying, attracting and recruiting talent for our clients, whilst developing and delivering bespoke solutions to help measure, evaluate, retain and develop that talent.

Identification and Attraction

At Robertson Bell we will:

  • Ensure you have access to the very best candidates.
  • Advise you on how to build long term relationships with trusted recruitment partners.
  • Conduct assessments and recommend solutions to current and future recruitment projects.

Engagement, Development and Retention

Robertson Bell can maximise the potential of your existing team:

  • Offering post placement performance coaching.
  • Helping you align people to both departmental and organisational goals.
  • Assessing and improving the quality and effectiveness of leadership.
  • Helping to foster and develop an environment of creativity and innovation.
  • Improving levels of ownership and responsibility.

Career Coach

Finding the right candidate for your organisation is just the start of the recruitment process. After the candidate has accpeted an offer from a client we will work with them to ensure that they settle into their new role as seamlessly as possible.

In short, Robertson Bell helps transform employees and therefore the organisations overall performance. To discuss our talent management services in more detail contact us for more information.