• December 18, 2018

Why Christmas is the Season for Recruiting

Why Christmas is the Season for Recruiting

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For some people the Christmas period is a time when people go off early for a Christmas break, work patterns change as thoughts turn to the seasons festivities and things might generally seem a little less hectic than usual.  Whether you’re recruiting or thinking about a new job yourself, you should think of the weeks prior to Christmas as a golden opportunity.  It’s a prime recruiting time!

We’ve put together 8 top reasons why the festive season is strategically one of the most effective times of the year to recruit.

  1. Lots of people take time off in December – more slack time gives potential candidates more time and opportunity to apply and speak to recruiters and the time between Christmas and new year is typically a time for reflecting on life and work and whether it’s time for a change.
  2. One of the easiest times for interviewing candidates. Candidates can pop in and out with bosses being much more accepting of excuses with more people being in and out of the office and other things going on.
  3. There’s less recruiting competition. Quite often there is an excuse that “I can’t recruit because there’s no one in the office”.  If you’re proactive at this time you’re less likely to come up against problems of counter offers.
  4. Lots of people travel home to visit family for the holiday season which can stir up feelings of wanting to move closer to family. This gives you access to a wider untapped network of candidates who wouldn’t normally be in the area.
  5. The holiday season is an expensive time – shopping, travel, Christmas parties… the added expense gets people thinking about money. If your organisation is looking for new talent, a financial incentive can be an opportunity to attract those who are on less money than what you can offer.
  6. Not everyone celebrates the holiday — we live in a diverse society and many cultures don’t celebrate the same holidays.
  7. Many organisations financial year begins on Jan 1st  – Managers will know their budgets and headcount for 2019.  This is the ideal time to get ahead and work with recruiters to secure top talent.
  8. Recruit whilst others are idle. Most organisations don’t recruit at this time, so take advantage whilst there’s less competition.

There’s no doubt, candidates are more readily available and receptive during this time.  Competition for the best talent is fierce, particularly at peak times like January – get ahead of the game and start talking to recruiters now.

If you are looking for your next role or have upcoming vacancies in your team and would like to speak to one of our specialist recruiters please don’t hesitate to call on 0203 824 7100 who will be happy to help or advise.