• May 4, 2018

Fundraising Salary Survey 2018

Fundraising Salary Survey 2018

660 477 Jenine Rees

The fundraising industry is constantly changing, and over recent years’ the laws of supply and demand have been inextricably linked to changes in salaries. With some areas experiencing skills shortages, we are constantly being asked to comment about the current state of salary levels within the industry.

Our fundraising survey offers the most comprehensive insight into salary and remuneration trends across the UK charitable sector in 2018 and is being used by fundraising professionals to measure their salary and benefits expectations compared to industry peers and as a valuable resource for managers to determine salary levels, whether that be for a new hire or when annual pay reviews are being considered.

The survey covers a wide range of insights and will be used to drive reports and webinars for the future benefit of our community.

A huge thank you to all those that took time to complete our survey and helping us to continue this important research!

Fundraising Survey 2018