• April 25, 2019

10 ways to quickly calm your nerves before a big event

10 ways to quickly calm your nerves before a big event

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Calm your nerves in less than 5 minutes 

Whether you’re running your first Marathon, you’ve got a major presentation to deliver or your about to have an interview for your dream job, nerves affect all of us at some stage.  If you’ve done all the preparation you possibly can and you’re feeling good, the last thing you want is for a bad case of nerves or anxiety to ruin your big moment?

We’ve got 10 things you can do to quickly calm yourself in less than 5 minutes:

  1. Close your eyes
    By just closing your eyelids you can begin to regain your calm.
  2. Breathe
    It seems obvious, but as soon as we start to feel nervous our breathing rate will speed up. By slowing this down and taking deeper, slower, longer breathes, breathing in through the nose and out through your mouth you will start to take control of  your breathing and instantly feel calmer.
  3. Count backwards
    Try slowly counting to 20 and then back again – it’s harder to get anxious about what lies ahead when you’re focusing on what number comes before 18!
  4. Progressive relaxation
    Tense the muscles in one part of your body at a time, just squeeze, release, and repeat.
  5. Visualisation
    Think of something that makes you feel happy – the doorbell rings, it’s Bradley Cooper, (or Scarlett Johansson, or even the Dominos delivery) By visualising and daydreaming our thoughts are diverted away from what it is that we feel anxious about, and the momentary mood boost helps us feel less tense.
  6. Be alone
    If you can, sneak away for five minutes to collect your thoughts and clear your head.
  7. Chew
    Chewing on a piece of gum for a few minutes can reduce stress and lower cortisol levels.  Or eating a little piece of dark chocolate will help to regulate your cortisol levels and stabilise your metabolism.
  8. Stretch
    Standing up for a quick stretch can reduce muscle tension and help you to relax or try a shoulder roll-out or a chest-opening stretch.
  9. Take a Quick Walk
    Take a quick stroll around the block or a quick run on the spot.  Any short burst of physical activity will get more oxygen moving to your brain helping you to process and gather your thoughts.
  10. Listen to music
    Whether you’re into heavy metal, Beyonce or Beiber, listening to your favourite tune can be a quick fix and especially good at focusing your mind away from whatever is making you feel stressed.

So, if you’re running the London Marathon this Sunday, or preparing for the biggest job interview of your life – good luck, you can do it!  If you’re still searching for the job of your dreams and you’re a full or part qualified accountant, we have some exceptional opportunities with high profile organisations in the not for profit and public sector on our website;  www.robertsonbell.co.uk alternatively register on the site to receive email alerts and hear about relevant roles specific to you, directly to your email inbox.

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